About “Washoku”

Washoku meal Culture to respect nature

The Washoku meal was registered with UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.
It is only included to the custom about a meal based on temperament “to respect nature” of Japanese as well as merely Washoku meal itself.
In clear Japan of the four seasons, I have abundant mountain products, seafood among rich nature.
I can enjoy the cooking using the occasional ingredients with not only the taste but also the eyes.
The cultures that have been inherited from the old days called the meal consisting of soup, three side dishes and rice express the change of the four seasons including furniture and a container with ingredients.

I think that one having abundant local cooking is because a Japanese respected nature from ancient times.
The dish using ingredients only in the land be colorful, and be simple, and it may be said that a way of thinking for unique appetite in Japan is valid.

Therefore a recipe and a tool to draw material original taste to the maximum developed in Japan.
As an example, I am intended to take down the small fish such as the horse mackerel on a sum kitchen knife, and there are the thing for exclusive use of the eel, really many kinds including the thing for exclusive use of the soba.

Feelings that it does not become with the best thing with a tool develop the kitchen utensil to make use of the subject matter to the maximum and will get an evaluation high abroad.

The event of the Washoku meal is held now in not only Japan but also the foreign countries.
I want to have you fully thoroughly enjoy the profundity of the Washoku meal by all means.




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