Manner with the Washoku meal

The basic procedure in the Washoku meal

It is certain that it is acknowledged superiority when I can have Washoku meal in a right manner beautifully neatly.

I love the heart of the sum including how to use chopsticks and right how to eat fish and want to learn the manners of right Washoku meal.

The application works if I learn manners basic once such as how to eat durability, fish of the arrangement of the dish and chopsticks and the wooden bowl or how to drink liquor when I make Washoku meal and set the table.
In the position of right serving meals, rice is this side left, and soup is this side right.

We put pickled vegetables in the center, and the left back is food boiled and seasoned, and the right depths locate Sashimi.



Because we stretch out a back with a pin with the durability of right chopsticks and make an attitude better, it begins.


At first we have after lifting the center of chopsticks with the left hand to attach the right hand from the bottom.

The age to have a meal is seen at all neatly not to move the lower chopsticks, and to move only upper chopsticks when we catch food.

A manner of the durability of the wooden bowl and the manners of the Washoku meal have chopsticks after having a bowl basically.

We separate the right hand and have a bowl only with the left hand if we lift a bowl with both hands.

At this time, what we get on on the finger of four left hands features the part of the bottom of the bowl.

We put a thumb on the edge lightly and have a bowl only with the left hand and have the chopsticks which we put on the low dining table by the right hand from the top.

We sandwich the chopsticks point between a bottom and the fingers of the left hand remaining it with the bowl and support chopsticks. Finally we shift chopsticks by the right hand.


The basic procedure becomes like this and repeats this movement procedure until a meal is over afterward.



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